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Move Forward

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We claim we wish to change, but we recoil from the necessary death of what we were before. Claim your independence from unhappiness with the Real Love Boot Camp DVDs.


Miracles are always preceded by mundane details and sometimes painful steps. We may not like them, but they’re unavoidable, and not liking them is a hindrance. It’s far more productive to embrace it all and enjoy it. Read Real Love, practice…
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There is no miracle more impressive than a human being who is willing to admit that he’s wrong and to learn something that will change his perspective, feelings, and behaviors.
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Change Your Life

With a single new and true thought, you can change your life and the people around you. Change with new and true thoughts found here:

Love and the Price of the Perfect Diamond

There was once a man whose life's ambition was to find the largest perfect diamond in the world. He spent decades in pursuit of his goal, not only looking for the diamond but also amassing a fortune large enough so that he could afford to buy…
rock and sunrise. The abstract bridge in the open ocean from a pebble


"Men may rise on stepping-stones of their dead selves to higher things." (Alfred, Lord Tennyson) To live we must die—leave the past behind.

Always a Freshman

When I entered kindergarten at age five, I was the youngest kid in the school. I felt like the least experienced and least competent person there. Being the newest and youngest is unsettling. It’s a challenge to one’s confidence. When I…