Crisis Managment

I Need More Pots

It was obvious that my friend George was allergic to work. Giraffes could have hidden in the grass of his front yard. Outside the back door was a tall pile of garbage bags, because he was too lazy to take the trash fifty feet to the street,…
In Real Love you find a safe place.

A Safe Place

Become a member of Real and find your safe place to rest while making corrections in your life to fill it with peace and happiness.

The Hole in the Door

For years Donna and I have been regularly associated with Rita, an elderly woman in town. Because of a lifetime of poor decisions, she can't work but subsists on a meager income from disability and social security. We assist her with shopping,…
Overlooking our own flaws

Overlooking Our Own Flaws

Find freedom from your flaws. Read Real Love and Freedom for the Soul.


Eliminate fear and loneliness from your life with 15 hours of Real Love coaching from Greg—at $400 savings!—by watching these life-changing Real Love Boot Camp DVDs. "I LOVED Real Love Boot Camp. I'm looking forward to many more hours…

You Are Not Garbage

Jerry had been studying Real Love for several months and practicing the principles with his wife, Marge. "I just keep screwing it up," Jerry said. "I know the right thing to do, but when Marge starts in with criticizing me, it's like I go…

Jumping In Cold Water

Morgan called me to describe how unhappy he was with his life: marriage, kids, career, everything. I made some suggestions, but the next week when I talked to him, he hadn't done anything different. "I seem to remember," I said, "that you…
Blaze A Lifegiving Path - Real Love Blog

Blazing A Lifegiving Path

Find and learn how to share Real Love—and help change the world—by visiting the Finding Real Love page. "Finding Real Love has quite literally transformed me, my marriage, my relationship with my children and actually - my whole life." …
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Move Forward

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