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When We Feel Loved

When we feel loved, we can work out anything in a relationship. When we don't feel loved, we can't really work out anything to our lasting satisfaction. By feel loved I mean remember that you're loved. As we tell the truth about ourselves,…
The Spiral of Disability

The Spiral of Disability

Last year I saw Blaine, a man of considerable intellect and energy. He was CEO of a corporation and master of a relatively large domain. But he knew absolutely nothing about feeling or giving Real Love, so he felt empty and alone. One of many…
A Time-Out for You

A Time-Out for You

A few days ago I was talking to my son Mike on the phone, and he described an interaction with his two children, Sydney, six years old, and Jack, four. In the next room, Mike heard Sydney steadily elevating the tone and volume of her voice as…
Anger is Destructive

Anger is Destructive

Anger is one of the most divisive and destructive forces in relationships. We need to better understand the cause and nature of anger and thereby gain the ability to eliminate it. Fortunately, in recent years we have acquired an understanding…

Less Angry is Not Enough

Less angry is not enough—though unavoidable in the process of learning to be loving. Only NO anger is acceptable. Learn all about your anger and how to stop it here.
The Wounds of Disappointment

The Wounds of Disappointment or Irritation

Every single moment of disappointment or irritation from a parent is received by the child as “I don’t love you,” like a knife wound. Really. Is it any wonder, then, that almost all adults walk around bleeding and afraid? And they don’t…
faith and courage

Faith and Courage May Be Required in Practicing Real Love

Sometimes practicing Real Love requires faith and courage. Watch this video to see what loving looks like. Then share this and your love with someone.
Where True Youth Resides - Real Love Blog - Greg Baer

Where True Youth Resides

Learn how to free yourself from the guilt, fear, and anger that have been weighing you down and start living the joyful life you deserve NOW by reading or listening to Real Love. "He rocked my foundation! Greg Baer touched me deeply. He's…
Anger: The Effect Our Anger Has on Other People

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Frank and Paula came to see me, and I asked them to describe a single example of a conflict between them. Paula said to Frank, "Yesterday when I was late leaving the house, you were really angry at me, and I didn't like it." "I was not,"…

You Keep Yourself Worthless

When a parent frowns at a child, she hears this: "When you don't do what I want—when you are not the person I want you to be—I become disappointed and irritated. I love you only when you meet my needs and don't inconvenience or frighten…

It's A Miracle!

Listen to these inspiring stories of a cop, a convict, a lawyer, a mother, a teacher, and many others who—with the power of Real Love—transformed their lives. “This book has given me hope. If all these people can find the miracle…
Real Love Newsletter

Use Your Words

Every day I see or hear about children who speak with anger—even rage—at their parents, usually about something they didn’t get or about a parent’s instructions to do something they didn’t want to do. We have become so accustomed to…

The Price of Everything

A few days ago I was driving to the airport during rush hour. One driver swerved in and out like a maniac in the heavy and slow traffic. He tailgated me closely for a while, but then changed lanes and tailgated many other drivers. At one point…

Choose Prison?

If you knew that somebody planned to put you in prison unjustly for 20 years, you’d fight with all your might. But as we choose fear and anger ourselves, we willingly put ourselves in prison for a lifetime.

Stepping on the Rope

Many years ago I often took groups of Boy Scouts to rappel down cliffs from 10 to 200 feet high. We used static kernmantle climbing rope, which is composed of hundreds of tiny nylon fibers in the core (the kern) and hundreds more in the outer…
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Phrases That Mislead, Part 1

In Real Love groups, conference calls, and other interactions, certain phrases have crept into use that are not consistent with the principles of Real Love, or that might cause confusion by their use. In this blog we will discuss one such phrase,…

You Don't Have to Listen

If a drunk says you’re an idiot, and you’re offended, you ARE an idiot—for listening to a drunk. When people are angry, they’re drunk, and you don’t have to listen or get offended.

The Cancer of Resentment

In another blog (Click Here for link), I discussed the need to move beyond mere forgiveness—which is often an act of arrogance—to a condition of complete acceptance and love toward others. But for a moment let’s go in the other direction…
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The Radiation of Feelings

Melissa called to complain about her job, which required a great deal of time and mental effort. She was too stressed by work to interact with her children at home, too stressed to be kind to her husband, too stressed for anything but her job…