What it Takes to Trust Someone (Video Clip)

Take the fear out of changing your life for the better by not being afraid. Decide to trust somebody to help you. Watch this video clip and learn how: https://youtu.be/GNa7s-5SMN4 Join a Free Conference Call here and talk with others seeking…

Let's Stick with NOW (Video Clip)

When dealing with people who are displaying signs of "victimhood", don't let them bring up the past. Only deal with how they are feeling NOW. https://youtu.be/EC-rr_xYTm0 Read Real Love and Freedom for the Soul and help a friend, loved…
Rome Retreat Lake

Rome Real Love Retreat

Can you really change the effects of a lifetime of never having unconditional love? It is possible, but not just with books and DVDs. You'll need loving people to change the way you feel. Consider joining this deeply connecting…
Keep loving

Keep Loving

Keep loving and find the love you need by talking to other loving people. Join a Free Conference Call with a Real Love coach here.

Start Over with the Help of Someone You Trust (Video Clip)

Make sense of your current confusion and pain, not by picking over the past, but by starting over with someone you completely trust. https://youtu.be/KAfFAhgPcVM
Start Over.

Starting Over

Starting over doesn't have to be daunting and you don't need to do it alone. Take advantage of the many resources at RealLove.com that are there to help you: Free Conference Call, Loving People to Talk To, Coaching, or an Intervention with Greg.…
Fear Means

Fear Means

Don't forget the love in your life. Reach out to any of these options: Talk to people who can see you clearly on a Free Conference Call here. Reach out to a Wise Person you can trust here. Sign up for a coaching consultation with a Real…
Surrounded by Real Love

Surrounded by Love

If you’re afraid, it does NOT matter one bit what you think you’re afraid OF. It means ONLY that you’ve forgotten that you are surrounded by love. You already have everything you need to be happy, and you’re simply forgetting that…

How Are You Feeling? (Video Clip)

Responding to this question with “fine” or “OK” is a knee jerk reaction for most of us. Learn how to help others tap into how they are REALLY feeling. https://youtu.be/EWrvj2l-zU0

The Knowledge and Love to Heal

Gain that life-saving and life-healing knowledge by listening to Real Love and then talking with a coach.
Choose to Trust

But HOW Do I Trust?

After counseling thousands of people from all over the world, I can tell you that there is ONE quality that separates those whose lives are transformed by Real Love from those who are relatively unaffected: Trust. Suppose that as you take…

Real Love Interventions

Every day I talk to people from all over the world. They all want help with their lives, and fortunately there is a wide array of tools to offer. We make all the principles of Real Love accessible to everyone. For no cost at all, people can…
Controlling someone or helping them wisely.
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Controlling Someone vs. Illustrating Wiser Choices

Have you ever been accused of being "controlling" but you thought you were just helping someone? Read or listen to Real Love and learn the difference. It will bring peace to your life and to the lives of your loved ones.    

Talking or Doing

I have spoken to hundreds of organizations. Almost uniformly, the leader and many members of the organization have said something like, "Wow, this is some powerful message. We need to do this." But then nothing happens. In order to effect real…

Pushing vs Loving for Growth (Video Clip)

Really caring about someone’s growth and happiness often means taking them right to the edge of their comfort. https://youtu.be/SBZ9xRE1_eo
Rome Real Love Retreat

Real Love Retreat Nov 9-10

Come transform your life at the November 9-10 Real Love Weekend Retreat here. What Weekend Retreat participants are saying: Greg and the Real Love retreat has changed my life in such fundamental ways, it will never be the same...I will…

Processing Emotions (Video Clip)

We need a Wise Person to help us understand and process our strongest emotions. https://youtu.be/p7ho23M9IJo You can understand and change your life with the help of coaching or an intervention.

It Takes What It Takes

A couple of years ago I did an intervention with a couple, Marcus and Janie. During the entire three days, they both fought with each other–and with me–to be the most right and the most wounded. That does not make for happy lives or relationships. By…

Be Afraid Of NOT Trusting

Watch your life miraculously transform as you find and FEEL Real Love by participating in a Free Real Love Conference Call today. Click here for the Free daily Call schedule. "Real Love is like nothing else out there. Don’t waste another…

How We Help People Change (Video Clip)

Getting the right combination of truth and love will help people decide they can change. https://youtu.be/kebpwb4Y17k

Talking To Somebody In Love

Need help with someone in your life who isn't seeing clearly? Schedule a Free 15-minute consultation with a Certified Real Love Coach. "Real Love answers my questions, gives me emotional peace, and fills me in spiritual ways I’d never…