What to Do with a Difficult Child (Video Clip)

What can you do with a difficult child? Start looking inward. https://youtu.be/19RUeyIZgFo Listen to Real Love in Parenting and learn how to raise happy, responsible and loving children.

Just Keep Loving Them (Video Clip)

Do you wish you could hear more from your kids? Just keep loving them. Watch this:   https://youtu.be/-evab50j31M Listen to Real Love in Parenting and get more insights into how to have a loving relationship with your children,…

Raising a Fearless Child (Video Clip)

A child raised with Real Love is fearless. https://youtu.be/6AeXBlVJnAY

License to Love

Melinda was recently given a certificate as a Certified Real Love Coach, and she put it up on her living room wall. Her daughter, Sarah, was impressed. She asked Melinda what she had done to earn the certification, and then she was all the more…

Parenting Requires Being Confident with Who You Are (Video Clip)

You need to know who you are down to your core so that you won’t be filled with fear at the comments your children make. https://youtu.be/pDjRNraUZJY
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The More You Nag People, the Less They Listen

Read or listen to Real Love in Marriage and learn how to nag less and love more.
pushing the boulder
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Pushing the Boulder

I talked to a woman, Ilene, who was utterly overwhelmed with the responsibility of controlling her children, bossing her husband around, and worrying about everything. "You look exhausted, honey," I said. "I'm worn out." "Like you're…
The Frowny Face button

The Frowny Face Button

My eight-year-old granddaughter, Megan, is an irrepressible fountain of energy and intelligence, often expressed with a need to challenge everything. It's actually a delightful combination of traits, but on occasion some people do find her endless…

Sharp Edges

I once saw a photo of a sign that read, in big capital letters, "Caution: This Sign Has Sharp Edges. Do Not Touch the Edges of this Sign." Below these large letters was a sentence written in much smaller letters: "Also the Bridge is Out Ahead."…

Priorities 11-100

James owned a business, and as he got closer to retirement, he made an agreement with his son, Brandon, that would gradually increase Brandon's share in the business until he took full ownership from his father. But James said that he and Brandon…
Loving your kids

Loving Your Kids Now

You made a lot of mistakes with your children. Now let go of the disasters, lose the guilt, and don't try to make up for them. Just start loving your kids now, and—if they’re young enough or willing—teach them occasionally. Learn how…
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Love Gives Us Voice

I once talked to a teenaged girl who had been emotionally neglected by her father and physically abandoned by her mother. She felt so discarded and alone that she had no sense at all of her worth. In her eyes, her facial expression, and her…
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A Demonstration Of Real Faith

Nyla had been raised by parents who "loved her" conditionally. They convinced her that their conditional praise, acceptance, and kindness were truly love. When I first described to her what Real Love looked like, her reaction was far from positive.…

Loving With Confidence

James called to tell me that two days before his six-year-old daughter, Sareah, had been playing outside and gotten a large splinter embedded in her finger. She wouldn't allow them to touch it, screaming bloody murder if they made any attempt…

Morphine and Ice Cream

I talked to a father, Martin, who was having terrible problems with the behavior of his teenage daughter, Mariah, who was being rebellious, refusing to do her chores, missing days of school, withdrawing into her room instead of interacting with…

Telling Your Child The Truth

A father wrote to me: "I have not known how to connect with my teenage daughter, Jennifer, so I finally decided to do what you suggested long ago. I sat with her and actually listened to her. I began by asking how she liked school, and…

The Blue Ball

Years ago a friend told me a story of visiting the home of my daughter Janette, who at the time lived near Phoenix, Arizona. Bruce was two, and his older sister was playing with a blue ball. “Want blue ball!’ Bruce demanded. “How…
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"I'm So Fat!"

Corinne said to me, "I'm disgusted with my life." "Really?" I said. "Name a specific thing you're disgusted about." "I'm so fat!" "So rather than argue about whether you really are fat—which is debatable—let's just accept what you…

Quiet Kids?

Learn 9 simple and powerfully effective principles to help you become the loving parent you've always wanted to be by reading or listening to Real Love in Parenting. "I did not know how to help my children. But now I do. Real Love in Parenting…

It Doesn't Really Matter

On many occasions parents ask me questions like this: * “When I finally got custody of my young daughter from my ex-wife, I discovered that she had been sexual abused by the ex’s boyfriend on several occasions. I’m heartbroken about this,…
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Damn Praise

There is no doubt what we all want more than anything else. We want to feel unconditionally loved. We’re really that simple. In the absence of that precious emotional and spiritual condition, we look for anything that feels good temporarily.…