Small black siblings fighting over digital tablet in the living room.

Do You Dread Spring Break with Your Children?

You Can Hear the Whining, Arguing, and Anger Already Do you dread Spring Break with your children? Can you hear the whining and arguing already? Learn how you can change it all and really enjoy the break with your kids. A few days ago I was…
Daughter and mother show love and confidence in their relationship.

As a Parent, Do You Have Spring Break Anxiety?

Parenting with Confidence During Spring Break Are you feeling anxious about the next impending Spring Break? Does the complaining and protesting make you feel tired and smaller already? Learn how you can become confident as a ‘parent…

What to Do with a Difficult Child (Video Clip)

What can you do with a difficult child? Start looking inward. Listen to Real Love in Parenting and learn how to raise happy, responsible and loving children.

Just Keep Loving Them (Video Clip)

Do you wish you could hear more from your kids? Just keep loving them. Watch this: Listen to Real Love in Parenting and get more insights into how to have a loving relationship with your children,…

Raising a Fearless Child (Video Clip)

A child raised with Real Love is fearless.

Practice Imperfection and “Un-scare” Our Kids (Video Clip)

Teach your children that being imperfect is just fine.

License to Love

Melinda was recently given a certificate as a Certified Real Love Coach, and she put it up on her living room wall. Her daughter, Sarah, was impressed. She asked Melinda what she had done to earn the certification, and then she was all the more…

The Need for the Death of Compliments (Video Clip)

Complimenting a child increases his anxiety, not his self-worth. Learn how to talk to a child without praise and watch his confidence and love of life grow. Listen to Real Love in Parenting.  
A Time-Out for You

A Time-Out for You

A few days ago I was talking to my son Mike on the phone, and he described an interaction with his two children, Sydney, six years old, and Jack, four. In the next room, Mike heard Sydney steadily elevating the tone and volume of her voice as…

Alternative to Compliments and Praise (Video clip)

Let a child simply share their enjoyment of a task or subject with you rather than praising them. They will grow in confidence instead of feeling assessed...again.

The Dangers of Praise (Video Clip)

Children will confuse praise with what makes them lovable, often times with disastrous results. "I love you" is what they really need to hear.

Misplaced Shame

I spoke with a woman, Darlene, who was always unhappy. I learned that when she was a child, about ages eight through twelve, she had been sexually abused by her father, cousin, and uncle. She said her father had sex with her "only once," and…

The Dangers of Duty

While I was in Beijing, China, I observed a long wall that was covered with twenty-four large murals. I asked my Chinese companion about the meaning of the scenes, and she said they illustrated traditional Chinese values regarding the duty…

How to Engage Kids in Activities (Video Clip)

When you are the Parent, have a plan. You are the Cruise Director.  

Bedtime: Make it Fun! (Video clip)

For anyone caring for children, bedtime doesn’t have to be a struggle. Watch this video clip.

Teach Kids the Fundamentals of Real Love (Video Clip)

Once your children have experienced the “chocolate cake” of Real Love, they won’t want anything else.

Parenting Requires Being Confident with Who You Are (Video Clip)

You need to know who you are down to your core so that you won’t be filled with fear at the comments your children make.

Parents and Power (Video Clip)

A child's behavior is powerfully impacted by the parent's use of Power.

Learning How to Love With a Child

One of my grandchildren, Jack, is four years old, and there are few things more delightful than his arrival at our house for a visit. He runs across the kitchen floor and flings himself into the air, four limbs splayed as far apart as he can…
The Frowny Face button

The Frowny Face Button

My eight-year-old granddaughter, Megan, is an irrepressible fountain of energy and intelligence, often expressed with a need to challenge everything. It's actually a delightful combination of traits, but on occasion some people do find her endless…

Sharp Edges

I once saw a photo of a sign that read, in big capital letters, "Caution: This Sign Has Sharp Edges. Do Not Touch the Edges of this Sign." Below these large letters was a sentence written in much smaller letters: "Also the Bridge is Out Ahead."…