Near-Death Experience

For decades now, people have described "near-death experiences (NDEs)," where they have physically died–no breathing or heartbeat. But then they returned to life after a period of several minutes. During that time, they were consciously aware…

Doubts Turn to Dust in the Light of Faith and Love

Learn how to live in the light of faith and love. Turn your doubts, confusion and misery to dust. Listen to Real Love, the truth about finding unconditional love & fulfilling relationships today.

Less Pain Is Not Happiness

Living with a High Level of Emotional Pain   Almost all the people you talk to are experiencing a fairly high level of emotional pain. They have little to no experience with feeling unconditionally loved. That lack of love guarantees…
A hand receiving an electrical shock with the words. The real causes of personal pain

PTSD in Half a Second

The Real Causes of Personal Pain and Confusion Most of us have been injured emotionally literally thousands of times. We can't even remember the most important ones, the real causes of personal pain and confusion. Those occurred when…
The Spiral of Disability

The Spiral of Disability

Last year I saw Blaine, a man of considerable intellect and energy. He was CEO of a corporation and master of a relatively large domain. But he knew absolutely nothing about feeling or giving Real Love, so he felt empty and alone. One of many…
Joy is Everywhere

Potential Joy is Everywhere Around Us

Most of us wait our entire lives for the appearance of a mythical kind of happiness, all the while missing the potential joy that is everywhere around us. Don't miss another moment of happiness. Start listening to Real Love, the truth about…
Laugh at your mistakes

Laugh Heartily at Your Mistakes

Laugh heartily at your mistakes and be free to be happy and peaceful! Listen to Real Love and learn how to feel loved, give up your mistakes, and laugh at them.
Fear is Irrational

The Complete Insanity of Fear

I've been having lower back pain for more than a year, and I didn't see a doctor because I have an admittedly foolish tendency to hope that physical symptoms will just go away–as most do. Finally, though, I noticed that my left big toe…
Fear is a waste of life.

Fear is Such a Waste of Life

Learn how to eliminate your fear and start living a joyful, abundant life. Listen to Real Love, The truth about finding unconditional love & fulfilling relationships today.

We Need to Trust Love

Talk with others on a Free Conference Call moderated by a Real Love Coach and learn how to trust that you ARE loved.

See the Truth About Yourself

Let yourself see the truth about yourself and replace the prison of fear and confusion with the freedom of peace and happiness. Read or listen to Real Love today.
You're paying with you whole life

You're Paying with Your Whole Life

Matt called me and described how he was struggling personally and in his relationships. "Sounds like a lot of work," I said. "It is," he said. "I'm exhausted all the time." "So you're exhausted, miserable, and alone. That's the reward." "Not…
Build your foundation on a rock.

Build On A Rock

Make sure your foundations are built on the rock of Real Love. Read or listen to Real Love today.
Less pain, not truth

Less Pain, Not Truth

Watch this clip and understand how your pain is making it difficult for you to really know the truth. https://youtu.be/VN2j3MtlgkY
You're Learning and growing.

You're Learning and Growing

Keep learning and growing. Dive into the Real Love book list and read or listen and learn more today!
Not Feeling Peaceful

Believing the Lies, Fearing the Future

Get the help you need to stop believing the lies and fearing the future. Talk with a Real Love coach on a Free Conference Call, sign up for some coaching or schedule an intervention with Greg. Replacing all that fear and anger with peace, happiness…
How to be happy.

The Degree to Which You Will Be Happy

Read Real Love and Freedom for the Soul. Learn how to lay down your unloving behaviors and be open to feeling and sharing love.
Happiness is being aware.

Happiness Comes from Being Aware

Need help being aware and understanding your feelings and what the heck you are doing? Join in on a FREE conference call and get the help you need.
Nothing wrong with being crazy.

Nothing Wrong with Being Crazy

Know and love yourself and others better. Learn how by listening to Real Love.
Life Without Fear

Life Without Fear

Find and be your real self by reading or listening to Real Love, The truth about finding unconditional love & fulfilling relationships.
The Truth About You

The Truth About You

Free yourself from fear and confusion and know the real truth about you! Read or listen to Real Love today and do the Real Love Companion workbook at the same time.