faith and courage

Faith and Courage May Be Required in Practicing Real Love

Sometimes practicing Real Love requires faith and courage. Watch this video to see what loving looks like. Then share this and your love with someone.
What does real love look like?

What Does Real Love Look Like?

As a principle alone, Real Love is transformational. As I have taught the definition and nature of Real Love to people all around the world, I have been impressed with how they have lit up with understanding. As they have realized the role of…
Overlooking our own flaws

Overlooking Our Own Flaws

Find freedom from your flaws. Read Real Love and Freedom for the Soul.
Find Real Love instead of Faking It
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Find Real Love

“Fake it till you make it.” Cute aphorism that is spoken often. But it is terribly WRONG. It’s like saying, “Tell many lies, and from that pit of sewage will emerge a life of truth and beauty.” No, instead find the Real Love that…

The Perpetuation Of Fear

When you're afraid, fear becomes the center of your universe. Everything you see, think, and do is filtered through and distorted by that fear. You can't help it. It's just the power of fear. When you're afraid, you're deep in the jungle…
Recognizing Real Love

What Is Real Love?

Watch as Greg answers "What Is Real Love?" from his Top Ten Questions on YouTube and transform YOUR life today.  

How To THRIVE Instead Of Survive

Become a member of to start thriving and living the joyful life YOU deserve. "Having access to all the amazing resources on the Real Love membership site has transformed my life. In a few short months I have gone from miserable…

Stop Hurting Me!

Years ago I took a group of young men on a canoe trip down a swift river. Although everyone was carefully instructed in how to safely maneuver their craft, one young man, Dean, fell out of his canoe, and we soon discovered that he had not properly…
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Resolve Conflict With Love

Learn how to resolve conflict with love in ALL your relationships—marriage, parenting, in the workplace, dating, friendships—by reading or listening to Real Love. "Don’t let the title fool you. Although accurate, it doesn’t begin…

Comparison Is Death

Learn how to feel happy, peaceful, and loved for being exactly who YOU are by getting the support of Greg, Certified Real Love Coaches, and the whole Real Love community here. "Real Love changed not only my life, but the lives of both my…

Judgment—By What Standard?

Not a day goes by without my hearing people expressing pain about what they've done with their lives, what they're doing now, and who they are. At every turn, guilt and self-criticism seem to reign. Although the individual expressions vary,…
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Be Afraid Of NOT Trusting

Watch your life miraculously transform as you find and FEEL Real Love by participating in a Free Real Love Conference Call today. Click here for the Free daily Call schedule. "Real Love is like nothing else out there. Don’t waste another…
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Fear Ruins Everything

Learn how to stop sabotaging your happiness with fear by watching "What If You Had A Sense Of Purpose And No Fear?"
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The Subtleties Of Power

Glenn was annoyed when he said, "Nobody listens to me." "Really?" I asked. "Give me an example." "Yesterday I wanted to go out to eat with Misty (his wife), instead of eating dinner at home." "Did you tell her you wanted to go out?" He…

Put Out The Fire

Eliminate the stress in your life and start living the peaceful, happy life YOU deserve by watching "Eliminate FEAR To Learn Who You Are."

Only Love Eliminates Pain

Learn how to eliminate the pain from your past and start living the happy life YOU deserve by reading Real Love and PCSD (Post-Childhood Stress Disorder). "Dr. Baer makes it clear to everyone! You do not want to miss out on these principles…
Love from One Person
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Love From One Person

Matt called me to complain about his wife. He said she avoided him, wouldn't have sex with him, and seemed to dislike any conversation with him. "I'm miserable," he said. "Do you have a Real Love group?" I asked. "Yes." "Do you attend…

Where To Find Love And Joy

Free yourself from worry forever by getting your Free Report "The Simple Secrets of a Happy Life and Fulfilling Relationships." "Real Love is THE missing piece of the puzzle—in life and relationships. It has changed my life forever. I wish…
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Pain Makes Us Insane

Eliminate YOUR pain—and experience the incredible transformation it will have not only on your life but on the lives of everyone around you—by reading Real Love and PCSD (Post-Childhood Stress Disorder). "I give a copy of one of Dr. Baer's…
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Forcing People Vs. Standards

Erica said to me, "When Justin and I got engaged, we made agreements about how we wanted our marriage to look. We wouldn't use drugs. We'd be sexually faithful to each other. There'd be no yelling or hitting. That kind of thing. But now Justin…
How Much Anger Will It Take? - Real Love Blog
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How Much Anger Will It Take?

Learn how to ELIMINATE (not just manage) anger and resentment from your life by visiting the Anger Management page. "Since Real Love I don’t carry around that burden of resentments anymore. What a freedom! Sometimes I feel like I could…