Greg’s Thursday Video Clips for Members


Why There is So Much Pain Everywhere (Video Clip)

Our inner personal pain can explode in a very large way.

How to Have Family Meetings with Wide Age Range (Video Clip)

It can be quite a challenge to have family meetings where the age range of the children is large. But it can be done well, with these tips.

What If My Partner Refuses to Practice Real Love? (Video Clip)

In some relationships, only one partner chooses to practice Real Love. On many occasions, that can still work—depending on the Key.

How Do You Decide Whether to Divorce? (Video Clip)

Divorce is an unbelievably heavy decision. What criteria can we use to know whether to do it?

We’re All Starving to be Touched (Video Clip)

Helping other people to be happy, and being happy ourselves, is much simpler when we understand our need for human touch.

Everyone Around Us Is In Pain, and So Are We (Video Clip)

All unhappy behavior becomes understandable when we understand that we’re responding to pain.

Why Are We In Pain? It’s Not Complicated. (Video Clip)

We and the therapists who try to help us come up with complicated theories about our wounds, and we have so many names for them. It’s simpler than that.

The Definition of Unconditional Love (Video Clip)

In truly unconditional love there is no disappointment, irritation, or anger.

Love Is an Absolute Necessity in Our Lives (Video Clip)

A child requires love as absolutely as we require air and water.

Identifying Love (Video Clip)

How do we identify what love really is?

Expectations Are Exhausting (Video Clip)

We often get tired of being around people because we are constantly analyzing their expectations and trying to meet them. Whew, what a drag.

A Partnership Will Not Heal Your Wounds (Video Clip)

We want a partnership to heal our wounds, but healing is very difficult in a partnership because of the unavoidable exchange of love, rather than the unconditional love that truly heals.

Most of Us Don’t Know How to Just RECEIVE Love (Video Clip)

Just receiving unconditional love in a partnership is very difficult, which is why we usually need a wise person where we ONLY receive love, which is far more healing.  

How Can We Find the Feelings that Make Life Worthwhile? (Video Clip)

We tend to spend our lives thinking, which does not lead to happiness. How can we learn to stay in the feelings that give joy and life?

Until We Heal the Basic, Root Wounds, Nothing Else Matters (Video Clip)

We tend to complain about a wide variety of things, but we can’t solve any of the individual problems until we heal the big wounds first and find some measure of happiness.

Almost Invariably, People are Talking About Their Pain (Video Clip)

We can understand people so much better when we understand that when they are speaking, they’re talking about a lifetime of pain. And we don’t need to hear every story, just address the pain.

How Can You Stop Endless Complaining in Others? (Video Clip)

Everybody needs to tell the story of their life, but when they repeat their complaints over and over, invariably it hurts them. So what can we do?

Loving Without Teaching is Kindness, Which May Not Be a Good Thing (Video Clip)

If you are simply kind—giving people what they want without teaching—that easily becomes indulgent and enabling.

The Ratio of Loving to Teaching (Video Clip)

People do need to feel loved before they can listen, but ratio of loving to teaching changes all the time. Sometimes stern teaching is required.

What Can A Wise Person Do To Be More Loving? (Video Clip)

There are many things we can do to prepare to be more loving with people.

Trust Your Partner (Video Clip)

Your partnership will be greatly strengthened when you trust your partner to handle what they decide to do.