Be Aware When You Speak

For decades I have been watching people interact with each other. In the past twenty-five years especially, I have paid close attention, and my observations are not entirely complimentary of us humans. Without meaning to, we are constantly sharing…

We Can’t Skip the Steps

All his life Paul had been criticized, pressured, manipulated, and neglected by his parents. When asked, however, he said that his family had been “wonderfully loving,” because it was all he knew, and he didn’t want to commit the crime…

We Cannot Keep Doing the Same Thing and Get Different Results (Video Clip)

In order to genuinely change our lives, we must be willing to give up pretty much everything we ever thought we knew.

The Elegance of the Solution

For many years I was a scientist—first as a high-temperature, high pressure chemist creating molecules never before seen, and then practicing the science of medicine and surgery. I discovered that often there were many solutions for a given…

I Play Music

Vladimir Horowitz was one of the greatest pianists of all time. He had an emotional, musical expression and clarity of technique that was distinctive. He was so good that when Sergei Rachmaninoff heard Horowitz play Rachmaninoff’s infamously…

Eliminate Fears

People everywhere wonder “who they really are.” When we’re afraid, that’s ALL we are: afraid and reacting to fear. When we finally eliminate our fears, we begin to discover who we are and what we can freely choose.

What Happens If I Don’t Move

Lorraine had made fairly good progress toward happiness in Real Love for a year. But then she came to me and said, “I seem to have hit a plateau of some kind. I had lost a lot of my fear. I feel much happier than I used to, but now my growth…

We All Want Our Wounds to Heal, but Without Pain (Video Clip)

There is no way to heal from the wounds of our life without pain, but trusting makes the pain much, much less.

Praying for Miracles

I have heard a great many prayers in my life, and spoken a few myself. I have noticed that we commonly pray for miracles: “Let there be peace in the world instead of conflict.” “Help my daughter, who is presently lost to alcohol, drugs,…

Forgiving People

Forgiving people is easy when you realize that their “offense” is really just an expression of their pain.

Fear is Learned

A few days ago I was talking with a young lady, Zoe, who works in a large bookstore. She works in the children’s section, where on the ceiling there was a rotating light fixture whose colors and movement were intended to draw the attention…

Real Courage

Real courage is a matter simply of redefining our comfort zone, which leads to an exponential growth in our universe.

You Are the Best Opportunity

If you are loving, you may be the best opportunity other people will ever have to know what God’s love is like.

When to Trust?

It is not possible for us to feel unconditional love—the most essential ingredient for genuine happiness—without trusting the person loving us. On many occasions I have been asked, “Does that mean I should trust everybody?” Of course…

What Can You Look for in a Wise Person? (Video Clip)

Being a true wise person means feeling loved, being loving, and being fearless.

The Light of Hope

I spent a long day with Wayne. From the beginning, it was obvious that he’d experienced little love or happiness in all his life. I described an account I had read of a man who’d been imprisoned for 26 years. Evidence was discovered…