Why There is So Much Pain Everywhere (Video Clip)

Our inner personal pain can explode in a very large way. https://youtu.be/WkvscW6NEhY

How to Have Family Meetings with Wide Age Range (Video Clip)

It can be quite a challenge to have family meetings where the age range of the children is large. But it can be done well, with these tips. https://youtu.be/B4QuOiK_KAc

The Watershed

Behind our house runs Beech Creek. It’s not a big creek. In the summer, in fact, it can run completely dry, but sometimes in the winter—when we have the heaviest rains—it can run very high, flowing over the bridge and even up to the foundation…

What If My Partner Refuses to Practice Real Love? (Video Clip)

In some relationships, only one partner chooses to practice Real Love. On many occasions, that can still work—depending on the Key. https://youtu.be/BKtrcjMdq3c

Morphine and Ice Cream

I talked to a father, Martin, who was having terrible problems with the behavior of his teenage daughter, Mariah, who was being rebellious, refusing to do her chores, missing days of school, withdrawing into her room instead of interacting with…

It’s All a Game

I talked on the phone with Sylvia, who described how annoying it was that her two-year-old son manipulated her every night not to go to bed, or to get her to allow him to sleep with her, after getting out of bed in the middle of the night. As…

How Do You Decide Whether to Divorce? (Video Clip)

Divorce is an unbelievably heavy decision. What criteria can we use to know whether to do it? https://youtu.be/2FGnFpbOnsw

Never Rub Your Eye

In the twenty years I was an eye surgeon, I saw a great many objects embedded in the cornea of the eye, which is the clear layer through which you can see the world, and through which others can see your iris, or the colored part of the eye—the…

The Uneven Legs

If we want to create a condition of happiness in our lives, three conditions must be satisfied: We must feel unconditionally loved. We must be unconditionally loving. We must be responsible. These three conditions are like the three legs…

Loving With vs Loving Despite

On many occasions people have asked me how you can love somebody despite their being angry, or selfish, or stupid, or whatever. The problem here is typified by the use of the word “despite.” If I claim to love you despite your flaws: *…

We’re All Starving to be Touched (Video Clip)

Helping other people to be happy, and being happy ourselves, is much simpler when we understand our need for human touch. https://youtu.be/qaqaZHx4R28

It’s All Proven with Behavior

Somebody wrote to me and said, “I have a friend who used to complain with every word she spoke. All day. About everything: her husband, the weather, her boss, her coworkers, the traffic, her kids. Everything. And now she has stopped complaining.…

Hold the Sky

I have a dear friend, Eileen, who tutors young children in a number of school subjects. She teaches a boy, Jonathan, who is presently getting chemotherapy for some kind of cancer. She asked him what it’s like when he’s getting the chemo. “It’s…