The Five Laws of Marriage

Partnership can be one of the most fulfilling experiences of life. Such an achievement requires diligent awareness of what builds and what detracts from partnership. We learn to love and to be better partners over a lifetime, and there are a…

Here Come the Monsters

Elaine called me one morning and said, “I woke up afraid.” Before she could continue, I said, “And here come the monsters.” “What do you mean by that?” “When you get afraid, Elaine, your mind starts spinning at a hundred…

The Memory of an Elephant

I have a good friend who flies planes and helicopters on large game preserves in Africa, including parts of the Serengeti. On occasion he is required to herd elephants with a helicopter, urging them to move to places that are safer from poachers,…

Light and Dark

There is no battle between light and dark. Dark is simply where the light hasn't reached yet. Similarly, there is no battle between love and hate, only love and places where love has not yet flourished.
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A Real Love Merry Christmas Message From An Adorable Teenager

A Merry Christmas message from an adorable teenager who is expressing her miraculous heart and feelings about Real Love.

The Bilge Pump

Linda called and said, “I’m tired of dealing with that woman from HR (Human Resources). Every few days she has some kind of complaint about me or our department.” After talking with Linda for a couple of minutes, it became obvious…

Eliminate Our Fears

When we finally eliminate our fears, we begin to discover who we are and what we can freely choose.

Two Keys to Great Relationships

Every day I talk to people about the problems they’re having with their relationships—with spouses, children, friends, coworkers, and more. Although the content has infinite variations, the most common fears are these: * I’m afraid…
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Kids Do Not Need Praise (Video Clip)

Children want your genuine interest in them and what they’re doing, not your praise for what they’re doing.

The Drunken Party

I received the following letter from a remarkable fifteen-year-old girl, and I copy it here without comment. It needs none. Friday night was my prom, accompanied by the whole shazam: fake tan, manicure, buckets of makeup and—of course—the…

Pearls from Winnie the Pooh

In the 1920s, A.A. Milne wrote several books and poems about Winnie-the-Pooh, a living teddy bear with friends who typified—with wit and poignancy—many of the qualities of us as humans. Recently a friend sent me 20 lessons gleaned from Winnie-the-Pooh,…


The moment we think somebody else is our problem, we have a problem

The Downside of Healing

Renee called and said, “Frank can be so controlling. And then I get angry, and I’m right back where I was a year ago.” “Do you feel more loved by wise people now than you did six months ago?” I asked. “Oh yes, by a lot.”…
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Do You Know What Your Children Are Learning? (Video Clip)

Parents have a strong tendency—out of fear—to abdicate their responsibility to teach their children how to be loving and responsible, and their children suffer for it.