Real Love all year round

Celebrate Christmas All Year Round

Learn how to unconditionally love yourself and others all year.  

The Real Gifts of Christmas

Oh, the joys of Christmas: lights twinkling their message of cheer, carols filling the air and lifting our spirits, tables groaning with their burdens of candies and pies soon to be devoured. And then there's the shopping. When I was a boy,…
Christmas shopping

Christmas Shopping

Listen to Real Love and fill your heart with peace and love as you go about your Christmas shopping and other preparations.  

When People Are Drowning, Am I Missing It?

A few days ago a friend sent me an article from the Internet that described a boat captain who jumped from the cockpit, fully dressed, and swam as fast as he could toward a couple swimming in the tropical waters. "He thinks you're drowning,"…

Love and Teach People

Learn how to love and teach people and make your world a better place. Listen to Real Love today.    
Controlling someone or helping them wisely.
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Controlling Someone vs. Illustrating Wiser Choices

Have you ever been accused of being "controlling" but you thought you were just helping someone? Read or listen to Real Love and learn the difference. It will bring peace to your life and to the lives of your loved ones.    
Love Will Save Us

Tendency to Control People and Things

Get rid of your fears and you will not need to control people and things. Watch this video clip:  
How can I help my Ex?

How Can I Help My Ex?

Janelle sat in the chair across from me and said she wanted to talk about her recent divorce. "I feel bad about my ex-husband," she said. "Since the divorce he's been really depressed. I worry that he could even do something crazy. His father…

The Effort of Friendship

We have a strong tendency to choose as friends the people who are similar to us, or at least who feed our needs for particular forms of Imitation Love without too much manipulation on our part. In short, we choose people who are easy and comfortable…
pushing the boulder

Pushing the Boulder

I talked to a woman, Ilene, who was utterly overwhelmed with the responsibility of controlling her children, bossing her husband around, and worrying about everything. "You look exhausted, honey," I said. "I'm worn out." "Like you're…
You're Never Alone

You're Never Alone

Not sure that somebody loves you? Click here for a list of Certified Real Love Coaches and Wise Men eager to help you find the Real Love that will transform your life today. "Thank you, thank you, thank you. I was struggling last week with…

The Truth About Saying "I Love You" (Video Clip)

You can't be unconditionally loving if you need someone.

Share Real Love with Others

You CAN share Real Love with others! Learn how in Real Love for Wise Men and Women.  
Find Real Love instead of Faking It

Find Real Love

“Fake it till you make it.” Cute aphorism that is spoken often. But it is terribly WRONG. It’s like saying, “Tell many lies, and from that pit of sewage will emerge a life of truth and beauty.” No, instead find the Real Love that…

Why We Smile (Video Clip)

How we react to others, especially children, will often profoundly impact their actions and attitudes.

Exceeding Our Brief

Robert was dressing for a meeting where he would be speaking, and casually he turned to his wife, Julie, and asked, “Does this tie work?” She replied, “I like the red, striped one better. Here, let me help you put it on.” Later,…

What I Meant To Say

Martin called me and said, “Ashley [his wife] is mad at me, and it doesn’t make any sense.” “What happened?” I asked. “She made dinner for us last night, and the squash was way overcooked. It was more like a mush than a vegetable.” “I’m…

Forcing People Vs. Standards

Erica said to me, "When Justin and I got engaged, we made agreements about how we wanted our marriage to look. We wouldn't use drugs. We'd be sexually faithful to each other. There'd be no yelling or hitting. That kind of thing. But now Justin…


Find Real Love for yourself and learn how to share it with others by reading or listening to Real Love. "Dr. Baer gets to the essence of what ails us in our personal relationships, our professional relationships, and our struggles. Real Love…

Half the Roots

One day I was kayaking down the creek behind our house, headed in the direction of the Coosa River. As I rounded a bend in the creek, I slowed down to take in a curious sight. There on the left bank was an oak tree about 80-90 feet high and…