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Stop managing one crises after another and discover how you can live the peaceful, happy life you deserve—every day. Start by reading or listening to Real Love: The Truth About Finding Unconditional Love and Fulfilling Relationships. "I…

It's A Miracle!

Listen to these inspiring stories of a cop, a convict, a lawyer, a mother, a teacher, and many others who—with the power of Real Love—transformed their lives. “This book has given me hope. If all these people can find the miracle…

The Surprising Ways We Train Our Children

Susanne called me and described how angry her two teenage boys were. They fought her constantly, used abusive language toward her, and turned every meal into a brawl. She, her husband, and her sons were all quite miserable. When she asked…


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What YOU Can Do

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Falling Leaves

There are many large trees in our backyard, and each fall they shed their leaves, in the process covering the lawns in a thick blanket. I get no particular pleasure from removing leaves from the lawns, but it has to be done, or the leaves block…
half trust

Half Trust

Experience the joy of fully trusting someone who genuinely cares about your happiness. Visit our list of Loving People To Talk To here:

Feeling Unconditionally Loved

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Listening With Your Mouth

Recently I watched Barbara interact with a number of people, and toward the end of the day she turned to me and said, "I'd like to be a Real Love coach. What do you think?" "Perhaps," I said, "you could do that someday." "Why do you say, someday?" "I'm…

Effects Of Fear

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Listen to these inspiring stories of a cop, a convict, a lawyer, a mother, a teacher, and many others who chose Real Love NOW and transformed their lives. And learn how YOU can transform your life, too. “This book has given me hope. After…
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Why Do I Sometimes Act So Badly?

Christine called, and I could almost feel her shaking her head. "I just do not understand," she said, "why I treat James so badly sometimes. Everything is fine for a while, and then I blow up at him. Later, when I look back, what he did to provoke…

Wrong Perspective

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Sure Way To Unhappiness

Get the REAL truth by listening to "The Truth About Love And Lies." "Wow!! I started listening to this audiobook in my car, and when I got home, I sat in the driveway for another hour and a half until I finished it. This is the most powerful…
Do You Want To Walk Or Fly? - Real Love Blog

Do You Want To Walk Or Fly?

Lee Ann called me and said, "My husband is leaving me, our marriage is awful, our children fight all the time, and I can hardly drag myself out of bed in the morning." What can I do? I suggested she read a couple of Real Love books, which…
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The World Needs Your Love

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Simply Take The Next Step

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Do You Play With All 88 Keys? - Real Love Blog

Do You Play With All 88 Keys?

When I ask people how they're feeling, most often they respond with some version of okay, which would include words like fine, all right, and good. Occasionally they'll say that they're "not so good," or "I've been better." These responses…

Old Patterns

Free yourself from old patterns of beliefs and the wounds you've been carrying around since childhood by reading Real Love and Post-Childhood Stress Disorder here:

Brief Disorientation

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When It's Over - Real Love Blog

When It's Over

Timothy called and explained that in the middle of the night two months ago, his wife of twenty years, Fiona, had left him and his three children. She moved in with a boyfriend in another state, and was well on her way to constructing a new…