True Joy

Discover the true joy of living a life filled with Real Love by becoming a member of today. "One of my favorite things to do while enjoying my morning coffee is to go on the Real Love Membership site and listen to one of Greg’s…

Choose First To Trust

"I just had a clerk at Walmart say....I wish the whole world could be as happy as you look right now....I owe it to Real Love." Jolene L., Alabama Trust a Certified Real Love Coach and watch as your life transforms into the happy, joyful…
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Do You Have A Peanut Allergy?

For years Allison had been in and out of a relationship with Philip, and—not coincidentally—her progress toward genuine happiness had been negligible. She called me to complain about something at work. "When was the last time you saw…

Soar To Success

Eliminate fear and start soaring to success by watching this video with Greg.
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True Heroes

Become a true hero and change your world by watching The Essentials of Real Love DVDs. "Greg just blew me away! Real Love is the missing piece. What a seminar, what a presenter! This has changed my life. Thank you." A. Smith, Georgia …
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You Pay For What You Get

For many years Julie had used guilt and intimidation to control every thought, word, and behavior of her husband, Don. This is hardly an accusation, since she was doing only what she had been taught all her life by her parents and others. Regrettably,…

Spinning Thoughts

Free yourself from your own spinning thoughts and stress by reading Real Love and Freedom for the Soul. “This book nailed me to the wall! It has given me the power to change the way I believe, the way I feel, and the way I behave toward…

Embrace the Love

Feel the power of Real Love in YOUR life as you watch Greg present The Essentials of Real Love to a live audience. "I've read all the books and heard all the great speakers, but Greg just blew me away! Real Love is the missing piece. What…

The Spectrum Of Loving

One day I was watching an interaction between Matthew and his wife, Louise, who was critical and attacking toward him and toward many other people who were not present. If words had an odor, we'd have been in an outhouse. Not once did Matthew…

Life Is Rich

Get the support and love you need to successfully rise from your mistakes and failures by joining in on a Free Real Love Conference Call. "I just had a clerk at Walmart say, 'I wish the whole world could be as happy as you look right now.'…

Lies Of A Lifetime

Discard the lies of your past and start living the happy, fulfilling life you deserve by reading Real Love and PCSD (Post-Childhood Stress Disorder). "So many psychotherapists don't understand the lasting effects of childhood on the happiness…
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"I'm So Fat!"

Corinne said to me, "I'm disgusted with my life." "Really?" I said. "Name a specific thing you're disgusted about." "I'm so fat!" "So rather than argue about whether you really are fat—which is debatable—let's just accept what you…


Eliminate fear and loneliness from your life with 15 hours of Real Love coaching from Greg—at $400 savings!—by watching these life-changing Real Love Boot Camp DVDs. "I LOVED Real Love Boot Camp. I'm looking forward to many more hours…
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Learn how you can feel loved and confident in all your choices by watching these life-changing Real Love Boot Camp DVDs. "I LOVED Real Love Boot Camp. I'm looking forward to many more hours and days spent with all the people in the Real…

You Are Not Garbage

Jerry had been studying Real Love for several months and practicing the principles with his wife, Marge. "I just keep screwing it up," Jerry said. "I know the right thing to do, but when Marge starts in with criticizing me, it's like I go…

Take The Risks

Become a member of to get the love and support you need while you're making mistakes and learning how to find the love and genuine happiness you've always wanted. "One of my favorite things to do while enjoying my morning coffee…

Choose To Be Grateful

Watch "A Changed Perspective + Gratitude = Happiness" to learn how you can transform your life right now.

Jumping In Cold Water

Morgan called me to describe how unhappy he was with his life: marriage, kids, career, everything. I made some suggestions, but the next week when I talked to him, he hadn't done anything different. "I seem to remember," I said, "that you…
Blaze A Lifegiving Path - Real Love Blog

Blazing A Lifegiving Path

Find and learn how to share Real Love—and help change the world—by visiting the Finding Real Love page. "Finding Real Love has quite literally transformed me, my marriage, my relationship with my children and actually - my whole life." …

Quiet Kids?

Learn 9 simple and powerfully effective principles to help you become the loving parent you've always wanted to be by reading or listening to Real Love in Parenting. "I did not know how to help my children. But now I do. Real Love in Parenting…

They Are Not The Problem

Lisa called to tell me that her supervisors at work were terribly unfair. They were blocking her advanced certification in one specialty skill, they were not answering her e-mails, and they treated her differently from other employees. She could…