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Is Real Love a Cult?

Real Love is Not A Cult The mission of the Real Love Company is: We teach the real meaning of love, replacing fear and confusion with peace and confidence in individual lives and relationships. Let's look at why Real Love is not a cult. As you begin to live the principles of Real Love, you […]

What it Takes to Trust Someone (Video Clip)

Take the fear out of changing your life for the better by not being afraid. Decide to trust somebody to help you. Watch this video clip and learn how: Join a Free Conference Call here and talk with others seeking to transform their lives. All calls are moderated by a Real Love Coach you can […]

Real Miracles

I received the following letter: "Within a few weeks of our getting married, my husband, Andre, began to pull away from me emotionally, then physically. The distance has increased steadily for years until the last year or so, when I've been studying and practicing the stuff in the Real Love books. Oh my, what a […]

What Do I Trust? (Video Clip)

Success at finding and transforming your life with Real Love depends on trusting one person and never quitting. Do whatever it takes to get there. Replacing the fear and confusion in your life with peace and happiness is worth the effort. Find resources here. Talk with others on the same journey here. Transform your life. […]

Different Levels of Friendship

We've become accustomed to guilt and obligation and lying to the point that we can't imagine not living this way. Often these behaviors become quite conflicting, confusing, and exhausting. It's easier to decide what you want to do or are capable of doing. Then tell the truth about yourself and feel free. Read how Ray […]

Electrolyte Imbalance

A couple of days ago I laid a concrete footing for a concrete block retaining wall. The job proved to be far bigger than I had anticipated. At one point Donna went to the hardware store and bought ten extra eighty-pound bags of concrete, so I could finish the work. It was 90 degrees outside, […]

The Fruits of Complaining

In the movie “Lincoln,” the President tells a story of a man who owned a parrot. “Every morning,” he said, “the parrot would say ‘The world is coming to an end! The world is coming to an end!’ “Finally one day the man shot him, just to get some peace and quiet. So . . […]


Let’s Stick with NOW (Video Clip)

When dealing with people who are displaying signs of "victimhood", don't let them bring up the past. Only deal with how they are feeling NOW. Read Real Love and Freedom for the Soul and help a friend, loved one or yourself get out of the victim trap. Learn how to only deal with how they […]


We Cling to the Justifications of Our Anger

We cling to the justifications of our anger with a desperate stubbornness, because otherwise we’d have to deal with the overwhelming pain that underlies it. Break the cycles of expectation and disappointment that make your life so hard. Listen to Real Love, The truth about finding unconditional love & fulfilling relationships and learn how you […]


Gratitude Means Realizing We Have Enough

Gratitude means realizing that right now I have more of what really matters than ever before, no matter how difficult this moment might be. Transform your fear and confusion to peace, happiness, and gratitude by filling it with Real Love. You will then experience a new level of gratitude, realizing that you have enough. Learn […]


You Are Such an Idiot! (Finally)

How Real Love Transformed a Marriage Veronica called to share with me an interaction she'd had the night before with her husband, Dan. For years their relationship had been a series of unpleasant interactions distinguished by anger, victimhood, and withdrawal, but then they learned about Real Love and genuinely applied the principles. "Last night we […]