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Love Gives Us Voice

I once talked to a teenaged girl who had been emotionally neglected by her father and physically abandoned by her mother. She felt so discarded and alone that she had no sense at all of her worth. In her eyes, her facial expression, and her posture, I could see that she felt like an insignificant […]


What Have You Got To Lose?

Some people simply cannot imagine the existence of Real Love. They’ve never seen it. In their disbelief, they refuse to investigate the possibility. Others reject Real Love because they sense that some degree of vulnerability might be required of them, which would be an intolerable risk. Their fear paralyzes them. Some are so attached to […]

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Find Real Love for yourself and learn how to share it with others by reading or listening to Real Love. "Dr. Baer gets to the essence of what ails us in our personal relationships, our professional relationships, and our struggles. Real Love is all that we're all looking for." Dave D., Utah

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Learning to Love

Need help quitting your unproductive behaviors? Click here for a list of Certified Real Love Coaches and Wise Men eager to help you find the Real Love that will transform your life today. "Thank you, thank you, thank you. I was struggling last week with some issues that I was experiencing with my oldest daughter. […]


Don’t Avoid Suffering

Do you need help turning suffering into strength and joy? Click here for a list of Certified Real Love Coaches and Wise Men who are eager to help you start living the joyful life YOU deserve. "Without Real Love I'd be a hot ball of mess right now." Debra W., Texas


Give Truth A Chance

Tom called, and the short version—the real meaning—of the stories he told was this: "I'm miserable. I'm afraid. I feel so alone. I'm discouraged. Nobody loves me. Nobody will ever love me." I'd heard him talk like this many times before, so I didn't waste time getting to the point. "You're telling me that you […]

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Frank and Paula came to see me, and I asked them to describe a single example of a conflict between them. Paula said to Frank, "Yesterday when I was late leaving the house, you were really angry at me, and I didn't like it." "I was not," Frank said with considerable energy in his voice. […]


Change the Past

"Dr. Baer makes it clear to everyone! You do not want to miss out on these principles that will transform your life no matter what happened in your past." Liz Hale, Ph.D. Heal YOUR past and start living the joyful life you deserve now by reading Real Love and Post-Childhood Stress Disorder here:


Learn To Navigate

Experience the joy of being in the flow of genuine happiness by becoming a member of RealLove.com today. "This will change your life profoundly and immediately. There is nothing else like Real Love anywhere." Elise, Canada


Good Enough

Discover the joy of being uniquely YOU by becoming a member of RealLove.com today. "Becoming a member of the Real Love website was the most important decision I made in changing my life. It opened the doors to the happy and fulfilling life I am now living." Laurisa B., Utah


Are You Chained By A String?

I've never seen the process myself, but I have read in multiple sources that when elephants are very young, the owners tie a rope around a single leg and fasten it to a stake pounded in the ground. The young elephant struggles to free himself, but the rope is sufficiently strong to keep the animal […]