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Surrounded by Love

If you’re afraid, it does NOT matter one bit what you think you’re afraid OF. It means ONLY that you’ve forgotten that you are surrounded by love. You already have everything you need to be happy, and you’re simply forgetting that no person or event can take that love and joy from you. The next […]

Pulling Plugs from the Wall

When I was a child, every time I unplugged an electrical device–if either of my parents was in the room–I heard the words, "Don't pull it out by the cord." This meant that I had to reach down between the couch and the wall, for example, and firmly grasp the plug itself to pull it […]

But HOW Do I Trust?

After counseling thousands of people from all over the world, I can tell you that there is ONE quality that separates those whose lives are transformed by Real Love from those who are relatively unaffected: Trust. Suppose that as you take your first steps toward feeling unconditionally loved, I function as a wise man—a guide—in […]

A Resolution Worth Making

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What Is Really True?

Michelle called me in a snit about a conflict in her marriage with Rob. She'd worked herself into quite a frenzy, and after a couple of minutes I said, "You're very afraid." "I'm angry," she said. "Oh, I can hear that, but your anger is only a response to your fear. Slow down until you […]

Give the Gift of Real Love

This is a wonderful season. I love the lights, the music, the food. But most of all I like it that at this season more than any other our thoughts tend to turn to the possibility of loving the people around us. We’re more thoughtful. We give more. We smile more. We speak to each […]

Freedom from Fear and Guilt and Pain

Sandy came to my house and said, "I don't know if I even want to try anymore." "What do you mean?" I asked. "Some days I'm not sure I even want to live. I feel like I have a weight on my shoulders all the time--an unbearable weight." There is no weight more oppressive than […]

The Wounds of Disappointment or Irritation

Every single moment of disappointment or irritation from a parent is received by the child as “I don’t love you,” like a knife wound. Really. Is it any wonder, then, that almost all adults walk around bleeding and afraid? And they don’t know why, because the wounds are forgotten or even considered a “normal” part […]

Gravity Does Not Pick On You

Tamara called and said, "I really miss Victor [her old boyfriend, whom she'd left two weeks before]." "I'm sure you do. Tell me what you miss." "He was fun, intelligent, lots of things." "Was he loving?" "Well, sometimes." I had spoken to Tamara before, so I already knew that Victor was an angry man and […]

The Laziness of Skepticism

As I was talking to a man about Real Love and its effects, he expressed many doubts. He'd never seen it. He didn't believe it existed. How could it be what I described? His objections were many, but he didn't say a single word about what he was learning, or what might be possible, or […]

Love is a River

Unconditional love–or Real Love–is a river that flows throughout the universe and gives life to everything it touches. I am not being metaphorical here. This energy is literal, even palpable. All things are united by the flow of this river, which is infinite and eternal. Although its existence is incontrovertible, we still choose what our […]