Real Love Letter
November 2018

Listening to Video Chats Just Got Easier!

We've updated the "Audio Only" option of Greg's famous Video Chats. Whoot-whoot! now has its own mp3 player; just choose the Video Chat you're interested in and click on the play icon to listen as you drive, cook, work out, shop... you decide. The play icon looks a little different – check it out.

Not a member of Real Love yet? For a decade Greg has been answering the questions and quandaries submitted by Members of These practical lessons apply to everyone. Signing up is easy! Sign up here today!

"One of my favorite things to do while enjoying my morning coffee is to go on the Real Love Membership site and listen to one of Greg’s Video Chats. Getting the Membership has enriched my life in so many ways."
David H., California

“I LOVE the video chats. I learn so much, and a lot of the time I laugh myself sick. The way Greg describes the truth about our behavior is hilarious. I listen to them while I’m walking, sitting, sleeping, all the time. Over and over. Keep ‘em coming.”
Marina M., Ireland
November Real Love Newsletter Video Chat

A Changed Perspective + Gratitude = Happiness

Unlock your life. Watch this video nugget and learn how a changed perspective and gratitude will turn what we have into enough, and more – true happiness. Then share it with a loved one.

This “Nugget” is a short segment from a 1 hour Video Chat. If you’re not a Member yet, sign up for instant access to the full Video Chat and all the other Membership Benefits here.

November Real Love Newsletter Gratitude

With Real Love, nothing else matters; without it, nothing else is enough.

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