Real Love Letter
October 2018

Just for you, we've added a SECOND

Weekend Real Love Retreat

November 16-17

Can you really change the effects of a lifetime of never having unconditional love? It is possible, but not just with books and DVDs. You'll need loving people to change the way you feel.

Consider joining this deeply connecting and healing experience.

Only 5 tickets left.

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"These retreats REALLY ARE transformational! I highly recommend a retreat if you are looking for a jump start to a more peaceful, happy life."
Jennifer O., Kingwood, TX

Three Questions

Are you feeling "not peaceful" and want to know how to get back to feeling peaceful? Watch this clip – click the "thumbs up" rating – and share it with a loved one.

This “Nugget” is a short segment from a 1 hour Video Chat. If you’re not a Member yet, sign up for instant access to the full Video Chat and all the other Membership Benefits here.

Stay on Track

"The 365 Day Real Love Challenge"

In August, we announced the 365th Real Love Video Chat broadcast. For a decade Greg has been answering the questions and quandaries submitted by Members of These practical lessons apply to everyone.
We challenged you to decide now to replace anger and confusion with peace and confidence by watching (or listening to) a video chat every day for the next 365 days. We encourage you to continue or start.
Not a member and you want to join the challenge? Easy! Sign up here today!
With Real Love, nothing else matters; without it, nothing else is enough.