July 2018

Real Love Summer Listening

You asked, we delivered! Real Love and Post-Childhood Stress Disorder is now available on Audible.

In Real Love and PCSD Greg teaches us WHY we're angry, lonely and confused with life and in our relationships. Then Greg teaches us HOW to eliminate these conditions.

"In my 25 years as a Marriage & Family Therapist I didn’t realize I was making the same grave mistake over and over again: I failed to acknowledge the power of childhood wounds. But then I met and studied with Dr. Greg Baer. His teachings on what unconditional love is—and what it isn't—has revolutionized both my practice and my own life and marriage. That's why I give a copy of one of Dr. Baer's books to every client and couple who comes into my office. So many psychotherapists don't understand the lasting effects of childhood on the happiness and relationships of adults, but Dr. Baer makes it clear to everyone! You do not want to miss out on these principles that will transform your life no matter what happened in your past."
Liz Hale, Ph.D.

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Post Childhood Stress Disorder Audible cover

Fearless, Not Reckless

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Real Answers Now Available through On Demand Streaming

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Real Answers takes an inside look at a marriage, that of Bill and Alison. Dr. Baer helps this couple realize that all the pain of their marriage has been a result of simply not understanding how to love each other. And then they begin to let go of all the blaming and guilt that has been poisoning their relationship for years.

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With Real Love, nothing else matters; without it, nothing else is enough.