September 2017
When Tragedies Fuel Our Emotions
Recently we have seen the devastation of earthquakes and hurricanes with unusual frequency and force. But no matter how terrible the destruction, nor how many lives were lost, we can always choose how to feel about these events.
We could choose to be afraid. Certainly the media choose photos, video clips, and interviews that are designed to create fear, because drama attracts viewers. We could choose to be angry at the failures of governments and others to respond with enough action or speed, again often fueled by news coverage.
Or we could choose to be grateful and happy. For what? For our lives, if we survived the disasters. For the time we were privileged to have with those who died. For the inspiring efforts of uncounted thousands who quickly responded and sacrificed their time and resources to help those in need. For the blessings without number that we all enjoy. Our gratitude and prayers and service spring from a love that is infectious, binding us not only to the families of those affected by the tragedies, but to all those around us. - Greg Baer
Fitting the Pieces Together

In well-made jigsaw puzzles, every piece is an individual work of art, with its own colors and shapes, unlike any other piece. But as each piece is properly connected to the others a larger, greater work of art is created.
As people we too are all pieces of a well-made puzzle, each of us different in appearance, character, and personality from every other person alive. Each of us is able to perceive and make choices in ways that no one else can.

Our gifts are uniquely beautiful, and yet Continue Reading Here

Spouse Admitting Mistakes?

Listen to this segment of a recent Video Chat and learn what it's like to bring love to a conversation, especially when a mistake has been made.

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