Remember summer vacation as a kid? School's out and you see nothing but weeks of freedom, sunshine and sandy food ahead... SIGH! Now that you're an adult, it can feel like a chore, more than a thrill, to prepare for a trip.

In the video clip below, Amy is having a hard time seeing how there could be any association between feeling loved and being grouchy when the family is leaving on vacation. What does love have to do with packing a car for a trip, right?

When we don't have enough Real Love in our lives, that is the worst wound in life. Without enough Real Love, we walk around wounded and in pain all the time. In that condition, it takes virtually nothing to push us over the edge and make life intolerable. When people are angry, withdrawn, acting like victims, and so on in response to a single behavior from you, they are like someone with a bad sunburn, and you just bumped them.

All day, every day, we are interacting with people who are carrying the burden of a lifetime of experiences, and with most people the majority of these experiences have been unloving and painful. When people respond to us, then, they are not reacting to what we are doing in that moment. They are usually reacting to what hundreds of people have done to them and with them for a lifetime. When we don't understand that, we're quite puzzled at their response to us.

When you remember that people are often reacting to a lifetime of experiences, their puzzling behavior begins to make more sense.

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