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Millions of us are out there looking for the “right person”—in bars, at parties, in clubs, at church, and on Internet dating sites... READ MORE >


Nearly 60% of marriages in the United States end in divorce, and of the marriages that survive more than 50% say they would split up... READ MORE >

Real Love® in Parenting


Parenting is one of the most important responsibilities we will ever take upon us, and yet what training do we receive for this awesome task? Learn how to raise happy... READ MORE >

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Everywhere we look, there are so many signs that something is seriously amiss in our society: as many as 20% of us are addicted to... READ MORE >

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Nothing is more powerful than being totally immersed and focused on something you REALLY want to learn and feel. At our Events you will feel the power of Real Love like nowhere else... READ MORE >


EVERYWHERE you go, you see conflict between coworkers, workers and supervisors, and employees and customers—arguing, manipulating... READ MORE >

Watch this incredible, FREE 1.5 hour Video with Greg, a sampling from hundreds of Videos and Chats that he has broadcast live and that are now archived for unlimited viewing on the Membership side of ... READ MORE >

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